Artists continue to flock to Lofoten, as does everyone who enjoys seeking out the fascinating works of these creators. It gives us all an opportunity to study up-close the works of the major international talents of the art world, as well as many other extremely professional practitioners, in an area with the country’s largest cluster of artists.

2017-03-1314:18 Hege

The light, the magnificent natural landscape and “the people who inhabit this impoverished coast” remain as important to contemporary artists today as they have always been since the 19th century, when pictorial artists from Norway and further afield came to the archipelago

to search for the perfect motif, the light and the diagonals.


Today, artistic experiences in Lofoten are a mecca for many art genres. Numerous galleries present both historical and modern art. Throughout the archipelago, you will find glass-blowers, ceramic artists, jewellery artists, photographers, painters, textile artists, sculptors, film-makers and many others with their own sales outlets and galleries. You’ll also find street art, as well as other art, in the landscape.


We have extremely diverse art in our urban spaces, as well as some of the best galleries in the country for contemporary art. Spread across the year are the festivals that reflect our cultural richness: festivals of art, theatre, literature, film and music, celebrating both classical and more recent musical



The hunt for the light, the hunt for art never ends.

Lofoten perhaps has most to offer to those seeking tocombine natural and cultural experiences.


Welcome to Northern Norway’s main arena for art. Welcome to an encounter with the wild and the beautiful, that whichboth challenges and pleases