Christmas spirit with Michael Bolton and Matoma in Lofoten!

Matoma and Michael Bolton chose Lofoten as the location for their new Christmas song "It`s Christmas time".

2020-12-0313:01 Vegeir


Photo: screammedia

Christmas spirit

Matoma and Michael Bolton are launching the music video for the Christmas collaboration "It`s Christmas time". Where do they find the Christmas spirit? In the Lofoten islands.

 Foto: Cecilie Haaland

Christmas in Lofoten

Many Norwegians have already experienced the special Lofoten Christmas atmosphere, now it's Michael Bolton and Matoma's turn. In the video you can see Michael Bolton singing and Matoma playing the piano at Justadtinden in Lofoten, with beautiful Lofoten mountains and fjords in the background.

The story behind the shoot

How did the piano, Bolton and Matoma get up on the mountain? It is a story that contains helicopters, greenscreens, studios in LA and studios in Lofoten.


Photo: screammedia

We've had a chat with director Martin Litwiki(Right side) in Screem Media.

 First of all, who was on the mountain?

"Matoma and the piano were at Justadtinden with a film crew led by me (Martin Litwicki in Scream Media) and supported by the Lofoten film Collective".  tells Martin.

 How did you get the piano up?

"We flew it up with a helicopter. We contacted Destination Lofoten and in consultation with them and the municipality we chose this spectacular mountain”.


Photo: screammedia

When you see the film, Bolton is also on the mountain top, how did it go?

"Michael Bolten could not come to Lofoten due to Korona travel restrictions, but with the help of greenscreen and studios in Lofoten and LA we got this fantastic result".

How do you experience Lofoten?

"Lofoten is fantastic, and the idea for this video came 2 years ago. We have been waiting for the right project. Lofoten is a dream destination and there is no other place I would take Matoma and Michael Bolton".

He continues.

"It was a very special day, that we will remember for the rest of our lives. The light and nature gave us the absolute best they had, even the locals had tears in their eyes. Matoma said it was the most scenic day of life so far!" Litwicki tells Destination Lofoten.

The video premieres on Friday the 11th of December at 1500 Oslo time on YouTube

Information about Lofoten 

Lofoten is an world famous archipelago in the north of Norway. It consists for many islands that is a part of one of the oldest mountain chains in the world, with geologic dating back 3,5 billion year. It`s nature is famous for its wild peaks shooting up from the sea, creating beautiful fjords and scenery. It is home to the world biggest seasonal fishery, the worlds biggest Viking longhouse and has a millennium long hospitality tradition – the fisherman’s cabins. The small cosy communities living under the mountains by the sea, has inspired people throughout the ages, even Disney’s box office hit Frozen.

Information about Justadtinden

Duration: about 1-2 hours.

Elevation: 738 Meters over the sea

Season: May - October

Difficulty: Demanding

Slope: at the steepest approx. 45 degrees.

Distance: 5.9 km one way

Starting point: Hagskaret 131 meters over the sea

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