Lofoten’s legendary seasonal fishery

Want to experience Lofoten’s legendary seasonal fishery? For generations, fishermen from all along the Norwegian coast have participated in this world famous cod fishery that takes place right off the Lofoten coast from February to late April.

2013-06-2509:29 Mariell Hagen

The spawning Northeast Arctic cod migrates from the Barents Sea to the Norwegian coast, with Lofoten as its final destination. Even though part of the fishery takes place some distance from the coast with large vessels, the small craft fleet is still based in the fishing villages.

Several of the fishermen have made the necessary arrangements so you can join them and experience life at sea off the coast of Lofoten. Or perhaps you will join an organised tour where you can fish with a rod from the boat and maybe boil up the fish on board? Several providers in Lofoten rent out boats and fishing gear if that is what you would prefer.

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For many years, the annual World Championship in Cod Fishing (VM i Skreifiske) has been an exciting alternative for those who wish to participate in an exciting fishing competition. Perhaps you are the one who will haul in the big cod next time. Bring warm clothes and a good sense of humour and we will help you with the rest. Good luck. Let’s hope the fish are biting!