Two-hour nature-safari, MS Discovery

Join us on a nature and seaeagle safari with MS "Discovery".
In our fast and comfortable vessel, we take you on a spectacular trip in the areas around Gimsøy and Henningsvær, in the middle of the Lofoten Islands. In these areas there are great opportunities to see Cormorants, Gannet and the majestic sea eagle. We move through narrow straits, between the mountains of Lofoten on a trip that takes us on both the inner and the outer side of the Lofoten Islands, if the weather allows.

Nature Safari
2018-11-0812:17 Sissel

Ms Discovery has comfortable seating inside the heated top cabin, but there is also the possibility to be out on deck. The vessel has most of the facilities desired, such as toilets, fridge, WIFI + +
We begin and end the safari at our facility in Kleppstad and lay the route according to the weather conditions. The trip may also start from elsewhere in the Lofoten Islands, by appointment.
Everything is included, but it is recommended to have warm clothes and footwear if one wants to be on deck, at times. Light refreshments served on board.
Please meet us at the dock 15 min before the trip starts for safety information and info about the current trip.

Where: Kleppstad port, 8313 Kleppstad, or other places by appointment.
Capacity: up to 11 passengers.
Duration: 2 hours.
Booking: contact us.

instagram: #discoveryoflofoten

Kleppstad Havn
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