3-day Mountaineering Tour Package with Skårungen

A weekend filled with summit hikes in the heart of Lofoten close to the "city of light", Svolvær.

2021-02-0312:06 Ingvill Lausund

- 15-18 April
- 22-25 April

With Skårungen as a base, we take our guests on spectacular ski trips, in regards of the weather- and snow conditions, as well as the group's experience and skills. Lofoten is known for its wild and fascinating nature and perhaps as the world's most beautiful archipelago. The team at Skårungen want to give our guests an unforgettable nature experience on skis, followed by relaxation in our spa at the Skårungen pier, which includes both a sauna and a hot tub. The days end with a unique dining experience of our locally sourced food at Skårungen's restaurant.

On our guided randonee trips in wild and beautiful nature, you do not only have the opportunity to have unforgettable skiing experiences but also the opportunity to see the northern lights dance across the sky. Personal hospitality, good atmosphere and pleasant surroundings make this an unforgettable holiday.Day 1: Arrival in Lofoten
After all the guests have arrived at Skårungen, there will be a joint meeting with the guide. Here you will get familiar with the guides and the other participants, and tomorrow's trip will be reviewed as well as a little story about the place and Lofoten. Finishing off with a delicious dinner in our restaurant.

Day 2: Skiing, spa and local food
Breakfast and morning coffee will be served with great views of Lofoten and the open sea. Packed lunches are served by the chef and you can fill your thermos with something warm. The guides will plan the day's trip based on the group, weather and landslides/snow conditions. They will set up trips adapted to the group with a focus on beautiful scenery and snow conditions. When reviewing today's trip, there will be a basic review of avalanche equipment to ensure that everyone is equipped for the trip.

During the tours, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the mountain massif, route choices, dangers, walking techniques and skiing. This helps to give an increased understanding of how to properly ski in the mountains, as well as giving a sense of confidence and perhaps leading to choosing more similar trips in the future.

After an eventful day in the mountains, the afternoon can be enjoyed in Skårungen's own spa with both a wood - fired hot tub and sauna right by the sea, before meeting for a joint dinner in Skårungen's restaurant.

* Today's tour is reviewed by the guides before departure

Day 3: Skiing, spa, beer tasting and dinner
For those who wake up early, the day can start off with a refreshing morning bath before breakfast. After the ski trip, there will be an opportunity to relaxa in both the hot tub and sauna before we meet for a beer tasting of a local brewery followed by dinner.
* Today's tour is reviewed by the guides before departure

Day 4: Return home
This day you decide yourself. You can sleep in and enjoy a late breakfast - or you can get up early and go on your own trip before your journey home. You can ask the hosts / guides for trip recommendations.

Package includes:
• 2 ski days in the mountains with experienced guides
• 3 nights at Skårungen
• Full pension
• Access to sauna and hot tub for 1.5 hours
• Beer tasting with local brewery
• All excursions included in the program

This is not included:
- Travel to and from Skårungen
• Drink with meals
• Personal travel insurance
• Rental of skis and avalanche equipment (contact if you want to rent this)

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