Surfing in Lofoten

Breathtaking, empty and open to Arctic swells, Lofoten's wave battered
coastline is a rare surfing frontier.

6/24/1310:39 AM Mariell Hagen

Facing north-west a south-easterly is predominately offshore. Strong winds and short period swells dominate but the varied geography can accommodate multiple options. The lack of daylight in winter, when the best swell arrives is an intractable issue. The flip-side being almost continuous light throughout the summer. Really only surfed in since the 1990s as wetsuit technology developed, there now exists a thriving little surfing community.

Unstad Surf Camp has a lot to offer for surfers at any level. Courses and camps available for booking at all levels.

Beginner/intermediate: Best season April - Sept. 

Intermediate/advanced: Best season Sept - April.

Surfing in Lofoten islands is surfing in thick wetsuites. Normally we recommend 6/5/4 both summer and winter. During summer we usually use a litle bit thinner suites. The average water temperature is around 8 -14 celsius, both summer and winter due to the gulf stream current.

History of Unstad Surf Camp

Since 1963 there have been surfers at Unstad bay. Thor Frantzen and Hans Egil Krane was probably the first surfers in Norway. As young boys they had to work on ships for earning money. The ships travelled world wide and in Sydney the saw and tried surfing for first time. Back home in Lofoten they had to make their own boards. At that time the famous Beach boys was on all top hit list. And the only outline from a surfboard they have was the cover of Baech boys album Surfin´safari from 1962. Off they go and made their own surfboards from this cover. The boards can be watched at Unstad.

Then again in the early 90´s Kristian Breivik refound the bay again. At this time there was only some few surfers in Norway and they where all located around the Stavanger area. Kristian moved to Stavanger and talked so much about this fantastic waves north of the arctic circle. One day the gathered a small team a headed up to face this waves. They scored big time with a monster swell from south west and perfect barrels rolled in. Surfing magazine was also travelled with them.

In 1999 Surfers like Sam Lamiroy and Spencer Hargraves made the epic surf movie E2K which is shooted from Unstad beach. At this time there wasn´t many surfers in the area. In 2000 Tommy Olsen moved up there an started surfing. Some years later there was a handful of local surfers. At 2003 Unstad Camping was a reality. Founded by Thor Frantzen and his wife Randi. At the beginning there was only some few cabins, they buildsome new cabins, started up a restaurant and began to rent out some few surfboards.

Today Unstad camping has changed both name and owners. Marion Frantzen bought the camping from her father and mother and is today what we call Unstad Arctic Surf.