10 reasons to plan a trip to Lofoten

The world's most beautiful islands has a lot to offer. Here are 10 reasons why you should plan a trip to Lofoten.

2019-04-1212:06 Vegeir

The Sea

Alex Conu@Alex Conu

Lofoten connects the Barents Sea to the Gulf of Mexico.

The mountains

Kristin Fosland Olsen@Kristin Fosland Olsen

Among the oldest mountains in the world, that shoots out from the sea!

The Fjords

@Tofoto NordNorge

Lofoten is Islands and fjords!

The beaches

@Bård Loeken

There are countless white beaches in Lofoten, fine your own!

The People


The people of Lofoten are open, honest and warm.

The Food


Wonderful local food, harvest right outside the door.

The History


Home to the world's largest cod fishing, Lofoten has helped to build Norway.

The art


Lofoten has always attracted artists and has an abundant cultural life.

The Activities

@Kristin Fosland Olsen

The worlds best playground

The Feeling

@Espen Mortensen

We cannot explain it, you must experience it!