The world's best playground – The Lofoten Islands

Piercing through the ocean, above the arctic circle one of the oldest mountain ranges creates the islands of Lofoten. The archipelagos has attracted humans through the millennia’s.

2019-03-1209:33 Vegeir Selboe

From cave paintings dating back to the stone age, the world’s biggest Viking Longhouse to the world’s biggest Cod fishery the evidens of Lofotens magic is clear. But today it’s the nature and its possibility’s that attracts people from the hole world.

“To ski from the top of the mountains, down to the fjords, is a feeling we recommend everyone to experience!”

@Espen Mortensen

Skiing, surfing, hiking, climbing, cycling, diving, running, swimming, fishing, horseback riding, Snowshoeing, golfing, Sea Eagle safaris, stand up paddling and many more activities are there to be explored, in what the National Geographic’s calls “the world’s most beautiful islands”.@Kristin Folsland

Lofoten is big and small, urban and rural, social and secluded, it is our home and our playground. You are welcome to join us, permanent or for a visit. 

Understanding the logistics

You might not fully understand our Islands and how our logistics works. There are no metro maps or quick routs, that’s the beauty. Be prepared and do some planning. The reason to go might not be a short walk away, if you haven’t done your homework. Experiencing Lofoten needs time and planning, do not waste unnecessary time with logistics, understand what you want and then find accommodation nearby. But remember, many people come to Lofoten solely to drive around and look at our nature. In that regard even the drive from the airport can be an experience of a lifetime. Need advice on planning your next trip? Use us locals at our touristinformation.

Svolvær – the world’s smallest big city

With panoramic views of the big fjord - Vestfjord, surrounded by picturesque mountains, beautiful beaches and exciting islands, the frame is set for the Lofoten's "largest" city. The vibrant harbor of Svolvær offers visitors a large selection of galleries, museums, cafes and several renowned restaurants. It is full of life, and it is not without reason that Svolvær in folk-mouth is called "the world's smallest big city".Here you can choose and choose in exciting accommodations. From modern hotels to authentic cabins. Everything in walking distance of the exciting harbor. Svolvær – the world’s smallest big city

Ballstad – Lofotens most active Fishing village 

Staying in Ballstad gives you a shortcut to the everyday life of Lofoten. For almost a millennia the village has been a nature starting point for the fishery. Still booming today the fishery, and alongside the tourism development gives the village is a natural mix between the new and the old. Staying in one of the classical fisherman’s cabins gives you a view of the splendid nature and a living harbour. 


@Eirik Ohna

The small island village connected by bridges under the renowned mountain of Vågakallen, houses everything from art halls to maybe the most photographed football field in the world. Henningsvær is known for its unique vibe and as a meeting point for the active explorer. The natural meeting point for the climbing, skiing or mountaineering traveller and the cultural seen is among the most vibrant in Norway.

Reine - The gateway to the fjords


In the boundary between the Reine fjord and the start of the big Vestfjorden you will find the famous village of Reine. Given you access to the step mountain hick of Reinebringen and the view that is not fully explained by the word “picturesque”.  As so many places in Lofoten, it is impossible to explain or to understand without experiencing it yourself.

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