Lofoten Seafood Center, Mortsund

Lofoten Seafood Center is an interactive and full experience journey where you can understand our idea of eco-friendly aquaculture.

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2019-05-1504:52 Sissel

Our operators give you all the informations about the history of the farm, the modern techniques of work, also about the products that make us proud and famous in every world’s corner. The different tours, guided by experts, are organized in every detail: from the Interactive Salmon life Exhibition to the House of Stockfish to know history and varieties of stockfish.
Visit the Restaurant and Shop, enjoy our products elaborated by by the expert hands of our own chef, always following the seasonality of the ingredients and take with you a little piece of Lofoten Islands. An exalting one-day journey for you, your family, your friends!
We are waiting for you!

Mortsundveien 379
8370 Leknes

Telefon: 47808088
E-post: visning@lofotenseafood.no