Experience the adventure of winter

Winter in Lofoten is the season of Arctic colours, with some great opportunities for relaxing or enjoying a more active holiday. Here are some of our best tips for a winter tourist:

2015-11-2514:41 Kristian Nashoug

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Sea safari

Experiencing Lofoten from the sea is a must! Glide past islands and majestic mountains, and even sail through the fabled Trollfjorden fjord, which is surrounded by craggy peaks. An encounter with the mighty sea eagle will definitely leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. If you're lucky, you might even see one diving for a fish.

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For generations, fishermen from all along this coast have taken part in the world-famous "Lofotfiske" cod fishing event, which takes place just off the islands between February and late April. You can also join in the hunt for the big Arctic Cod – your chances of catching one are excellent.

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Northern Lights

The dance of the Northern Lights is a magical sight. There are many Northern Lights activities in Lofoten, and even the backdrop is spectacular. Remember to bring a tripod if you want to take photos of the Northern Lights.

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Have you ever skied from a mountain summit down to a fjord? If not, then Lofoten is the place to try it! Snowshoe options are also available if the skiing sounds too adventurous. Professional guides can help you enjoy safe skiing on spectacular mountains.

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Photography trips

With its majestic landscape and wonderful light, Lofoten is a popular and world-renowned destination among photographers. Improve your skills on a trip with a professional photographer while also enjoying some of the natural wonders that Lofoten has to offer.

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Horse riding

Join a horse riding trip through the snow-clad Lofoten landscape on one of our Icelandic horses. Ride past fish-drying racks and along sandy beaches with sea and mountain views. The horses are safe and reliable and, whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, you will be given a horse to suit your level. We highly recommended riding under the Northern Lights!

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Situated right on the ocean, Lofoten is an ideal location for surfing. You can surf all year round with our thick, warm wetsuits. Surfing near snow-covered mountains during the winter is a strange but wonderful experience!

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For a slightly more exotic experience in Lofoten, there is little that can beat an encounter with the underwater marine life. The seabed is a hive of activity with brightly coloured sea anemones and corals. It is also possible to go wreck diving with a local expert!

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Art galleries and museums

With galleries, art sales and craft shops on every headland, there is lots to offer art enthusiasts visiting Lofoten on a journey of discovery. There is art here from the Golden Age of Northern Norwegian paintings from the last century, contemporary art in historic surroundings and wonderful top-quality craft businesses. The light and natural beauty of Lofoten are greatly loved by artists and creative types.

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Getting to Lofoten

There are many ways to get to the most spectacular islands in the world! Read more...