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2019-03-0915:18 Sissel

Surrounded by mountains, overlooking the sea,
the Northern Night awaits you.

Let the sound of nature be lulling you to sleep at night,
embrazed by the arctic sky.

Comfortable and empowering.

Give yourself the opportunity to re-energize
Simply by experience a bit of the authentic Lofoten.

Reconnect with the elements,
embrace the contrasts,
nurture your senses and let yourself flow...!

Enjoy local life and food culture, spend the night outdoors. The force of nature
will ad unexpected treats during your stay...Maybe a calm, starlit night turning into a blizzard or maybe a heavy storm? Maybe a heavy snowfall over night who will hide all the paths and make you feel like a child again, heading out to play in the snow?
Or maybe a late night special date with the Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky?
Falling stars and moonlit mountains, a sea eagle floating in the sky above and an otter hunting right outside the window.

We may arrange the stage, but nature will play the lead role...
...and each show will be unique...

Letting yourself flow on your own

NOK 2500,- pr night max 2 persons, including breakfast.
Bring your own food and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors at FLO.
With comfortable bed/beddings and natures special edition show.

Valbergsveien 981
8357 Valberg

Telefon: 454 73 355
E-post: post@flolofoten.no

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