Drive to Lofoten with rental car or your own car

Many visitors to Lofoten arrive on four wheels. If you choose this means of transport, there are several options of getting to and from Lofoten. If you don’t want to travel to Lofoten by ferry, the E10 motorway from Sweden is an alternative.

2013-07-0312:47 Mariell Hagen


The road E10 runs from Luleå in Sweden and westwards until Å in Lofoten. Many tourists arrive in Lofoten with the ferry from either Skutvik, Bognes or Bodø, while others drive from Sweden via Kiruna. From Harstad or Narvik you can drive on the road called "Lofast" (Lofoten's mainland connection).

If you drive a car in Lofoten, there are no car ferries between Moskenes in the south to Fiskebøl in the north. You can find more information about the ferries to and from Lofoten here:

You can also find information about the ferries in the travel planner for Norland:

Most of the Lofoten Islands are connected by bridges and tunnels and have a total distance from Fiskebøl to Å of 163 km driving on the E 10.

In total there are 6 different tunnels in Lofoten: Åtunellen (123 meters), Seljelitunellen (1052 meters), Ramsviktunellen (404 meters), Hamnøytunellen (1461 meters), Fjøsdalen tunell (1641 meters), Nappstraum tunnel (1 776 meters, and underwater) and Rørvikskartunellen (726 meters).
The National Tourist Route through Lofoten shows you sights and detours to see and experience the most of the islands. Here you will find nice picnic areas and viewpoints to stretch your legs. The road is 230 km from Raftsundet in the north to the Å village in the south. You can read more about the National Tourist Route here:

Rental cars: 

There are several car rental agencies in Lofoten. You will find contact details for one of them we recommende below. You may also rent a car at Harstad/Narvik Airport Evenes or Bodø and drive to Lofoten. The drive from Evenes to Svolvær takes around two and a half hours, depending on the driving conditions. Allow longer in winter.

Avis Lofoten:

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