Nusfjord - Lofoten’s “hidden” gem

A lot have happened in one of Lofoten’s “hidden” gems. A travel to Lofoten is not complete without a trip to Nusfjord.

2019-03-1209:24 Vegeir

Nusfjord is often regarded as one of the oldest and best preserved fishing villages in Norway, and is situated 6.2 km from the E10; the main road that takes you through Lofoten. A handful of cabins (rorbu) and old buildings make up the fishing village that today is home to a a group of locals, as well as accommodation and the facilities around the newly opened Nusfjord Arctic Resort

There have been found traces of people living in Nusfjord from 425 BC, and with a heyday area in the beginning of the last century, Nusfjord remains a treasure chest full of history from when the cod hang and was laying around the rocks in the area. During these years Nusfjord was home to more than 1500 fishermen, and on the walls in the restaurants and other facilities you can glance up on images of the fjord full of boats, fish and people. Many of the old buildings related to the fishing industry have been renovated and taken care of, and today the fish oil factory, old smokery, blacksmith, boathouses and many other buildings make up the guided historical roundtrip that takes you around a glimpse of the old Lofoten life.


Today you can stay in the same cabins used by the fishermen, although with a slight increase in quality and comfort. Nusfjord has quickly become a favourite amongst photographers and tourist that are looking for a peak into how it was living in these intimate and vibrant fishing villages. With its location at the end of the road, far from heavy traffic and trailers, Nusfjord enjoys a relaxed atmosphere and vibe. The road to the village was completed only 50 years ago, and the harbour enjoys being free from modern buildings, making it a one of a kind when it comes to an authentic feel of the old fishing villages of Lofoten. “Everything” is as it used to be here.


The experiences and activities that are offered in Nusfjord are put together with the help of locals and creates memories that last a lifetime. Go along on the real Lofoten fishing experience with captain Jan Martin and his crew onboard the traditional fishing boats of Elltor and Havdur, paddle around in the kayak in the fjord amongst majestic mountains that dives down into the ocean, and hike the historic mountain passes to enjoy panoramic view of Lofoten. When you get into the evening, you get to witness the amazing northern lights and the mesmerising midnight sun, and in Nusfjord you’ll never be far from either.


Situated between the mountains and the tropical coloured fjord, Nusfjord is perfect for photographers looking for the best Instagram photos of either nature, architecture or both. When looking for a refill and a taste of the local cuisine, the Landhandleriet Café, Oriana Tavern and Karoline Restaurant are all on offer, with everything from the legendary dried fish of cod to local cheeses, and with a big focus on local ingredients.


Nusfjord is a unique and authentic destination with an unbeatable location in the charming and historic fishing village of Nusfjord in Lofoten. The new resort is open all year, so you can experience everything from the magical midnight sun in the summer to the spectacular northern lights in winter.

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