The bakery at Å

Treat yourself with Lofoten's best cinnamon rolls from the old bakery in Å. Feel the smell of cinnamon that spreads in Å every single summerday. In the bakery we heat up the oven from 1878 with birch wood, to bake the bread, buns and cinnamon rolls. It tastes like home-baked because everything is made according to old traditional recipes.

2017-01-1314:40 Øyvind Restad

Every day hundreds of visitors stop by the bakery to taste our freshly baked goods.

With passion and curiosity for baking, we relive both the old, traditional recipes, and explore new techniques and flavors.

From June to September, the Bakery is in full operation. Visit us and see the bakers in action.
You can enjoy the freshly baked bread and a good coffee in the inside or outside seating area in the Bakery.

If you want to treat yourself to a tasty cake and an espresso made from freshly ground coffee - then you are welcome to our cozy Museums Café.

The bakery building was built in 1844 in the typical Trønder and Nordland style, with windows just below the eaves. After the fire in 1878, the house was rebuilt as a bakery with a stone oven, now in Empire style with gables and a slate roof. The building is protected by the National Heritage Board. During the Lofoten fishing, visiting fishing workers were accommodated here with the servants. On the ground floor there is a bakery that is preserved just as it was in the middle of the last century.

Å in Lofoten
8392 Sørvågen

The bakery is located in the idyllic center of Å.

Phone: 76 09 14 88

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