Reinebringen (448 m)

One of the most popular hiking trails in Norway, Reinebringen, is located in the municipality of Moskenes.

Hiking trail
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Reinebringen view

Photo: @isabellaeinarsen

Information about Reinebringen

Duration: ca 1-2 hours.

Altitude: 448 metres above sea level.

Season: May - September.

Difficulty: Medium.

Incline: ca 45 degrees.

Distance: 2 km (round trip).

Starting point: Reine outer harbor.


Photo: Kristin Folsland Olsen -

Tour description

As always, hiking in Lofoten is at your own risk, so make sure you follow the path and watch out. Even if the path towards the top follows the Sherpa steps, it is very steep and parts of it can be demanding. You follow the stairs built into the steep mountain side and if you need a break, there are several nice spots with benches built along the path, allowing you a rest before the last few metres. The hike is not recommended for young children and for safety reasons, this hike is strictly not recommended in the winter season.

Reinebringen is far from one of the highest mountains in Lofoten, but the view from the top of Reinebringen is known for being one of the most spectacular ones. It is a favourite among many hikers and you will soon understand why when you reach the top. Sit down and enjoy the great view over the picturesque Reine village and the wild fjords and mountains. We also recommend the hike during the midnight sun season in Lofoten, as it is maybe even more beautiful at that time. And not least, there may be less people. The hike is extremely popular among locals and tourists alike.

It is very important to wear sturdy shoes, take plenty of water to drink and a wind proof jacket. An extra set of dry clothes is also recommended. And do not forget a fully charged camera battery, so you can bring your memories with you back home. But do not forget to enjoy the moment!

It could be that the mountain is closed during parts of the summer in order to complete the work on the steps. It is therefore a good idea to visit the Reinebringen Facebook page for updated information, or visit the local tourist information. As of January 2020, the mountain path had 1566 steps and several benches along the beautifully built Sherpa steps. You can read more about Reine and surrounding areas on Wikipedia.


If you decide to travel to see Reinebringen and arrive by car – you find parking at Reine Ytre Havn (outer harbour). This is where the hike starts. You first walk through the centre of beautiful Reine towards Reinehalsen (viewpoint by the main road) and then walk further along the E10 direction Å. Follow the old road outside of the tunnel. You find this at the left side of the road, outside the road fence. If you arrive by bus, the nearest bus stop is «Reine kryss» (Moskenes).


More useful advice

  • If you require an experienced tour guide to accompany you on a hike, you may book hikes in many beautiful Lofoten mountains here.
  • Take care of Lofoten when you visit – read more about how to be a responsible guest


Frequently asked questions:

Where is Reinebringen located?

Reinebringen is located in Moskenes island just close to the fishing village Reine.

Is it correct that Reinebringen may be closed at times?  

Reinebringen has been closed at times due to work on the steps up the mountain. Please visit the Reinebringen Facebook page for updated and correct information about the Reinebringen path.

Can I do the hike if I am scared of heights?

Some parts of the hike can be very steep and «airy», and even if most of the path is built on steps, the hike is considered to be of medium difficulty.

When will the remaining steps be finished? 

Reinebringen will be closed when the remaining steps are being built, but this will be done during the autumn 2021. We recommend that you visit the Reinebringen Facebook page for updates.

Is the hike suitable for children? 

Locals and mountain guides do not recommend the hike for small children. It is possible to go on the top for children who are used to go hiking in steep mountains, but the top has a small area and on sunny days it will be crowded.

Are there accommodation close to Reinebringen?

Yes, you can find accommodation close by in Reine, Hamnøy or Sørvågen.