Røst Bryggehotell

Røst Bryggehotell is a modern hotel which lays close to the pier with a great view of the ocean and the great bird mountains.

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2017-03-1108:06 Henrik

At Røst Bryggehotell you can stay at the tip of the quay, in the most beautiful settings you can imagine. Røst Bryggehotell is the hotel where the safe and good meets the beautiful and exclusive.

Walk on the quayside with a cup of coffee or a cold beer. Sit in the sun and enjoy the peace you only find on Røst. Eat foods in the highest class of our own restaurant, with the most delicious dishes from both land and sea.

We at Røst Bryggehotell promise you a warm welcome and a wonderful service during your stay. Through us you can as a guest rent bikes, get a guided bus tour of the island, take a guided boat tour around Røst and get a tour in the stockfish attic where all the stockfish are stored. We may be living on a tiny island, but we have a whole lot to offer you as a guest!

8064 Røst

The options for traveling to Røst is either via ferry ( www.torghatten-nord.no ) or via fly ( www.wideroe.no ) .

E-post: post@rostbryggehotell.no
Nettside: www.rostbryggehotell.no