Guided bus tour from Røst Bryggehotell

Røst Bryggehotell offers a guided bus tour around the entire island.

2020-08-1303:34 Sissel

On this tour you can experience what is of the island, with its own guide who tells a little about what is worth knowing.

See the church, the old church, the fish farms and much more.

The trip starts at Røst Bryggehotell every day at 16.30, and takes about 2 hours.

Registration takes place at the reception at Røst Bryggehotell.

Røst Bryggehotell AS
8064 Røst

Telefon: 76 05 08 00

Røst Bryggehotell
The old church
The church ruins on Røst
Røst Bryggehotell
The church of Røst
The church is placed in the middle of the island
Røst Bryggehotell
The old church
Window from the church ruins
Røst Bryggehotell
From the up north festival