One of the most popular hiking trails in Norway, Reinebringen, is located in the municipality of Moskenes.

2020-04-0220:56 Sissel

If you want to make a trip here and you arrive with your own car – you have to park at Reine Outer Harbour. This is where you start walking. You walk through the centre of the beautiful Reine village towards Reinehalsen and then along the E10 towards Å. You then follow the old road at the outer side of the tunnel. The starting point for the hike is easy to see. If you arrive by bus, the nearest stop is «Reine kryss (Moskenes)».

As always, you hike at your own risk in the mountains in Lofoten. Keep to the track and watch out. A rock may start rolling down the mountain side and it could cause injury to people walking on the track further down. Even if the track is built on sherpa steps, it is still steep and could be demanding to walk. The steps finish ca 100 metres before you reach the top, so you need to take extra care here and look out for loose rocks. The trail is not recommended for small children. For safety reasons, this hike is not recommended in the winter season.

The hiking trail may be closed during parts of the summer 2020, in order to complete the building of the sherpa steps. It is therefore a good idea to check the Reinebringen Facebook page for updated information or contact the local tourist information. As of January 2020, the mountain had 1566 steps and several benches along the beautifully built hiking trail.

Duration: ca 1-2 hours

Altitude: 448 metres above sea level

Difficulty: Medium

Inclination: ca 45 degrees

Distance: 2 km (return trip)

It is important to wear sturdy walking boots and to bring a water bottle and a wind proof jacket. A change of dry clothers is also recommended. And remember fully charged camera batteries, to make sure you get the memories with you back home. But don’t forget to enjoy the moment!

Other tips:
  • If you would like to do other hikes up our beautiful mountains, you can book a tour with a proffessional guide here.
  • Please also be a responsible tourist while you're here - we want to take care of our islands the best we can. How to? Read more here.

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