Sofus-Naustet boat house - Livland Gård

Get in touch with nature, history, people and the natural phenomena they surround themselves with daily.

Local food
2019-09-0611:31 Sissel

A historical arena

Sofus-Naustet is a boathouse originally built in 1860. It is a historic arena where you are taken on a journey in space and time. You will hear old and new history of this place and the region, how people have lived there through the ages and about the food traditions in the area.

The boathouse is located on the north side of Austvågøy with the Hadselfjord and the Great Sea as the closest neighbor. This is one of Lofoten and Vesterålen's finest places to experience the midnight sun reflecting in the sea, the northern lights dancing in the sky, or the big ocean thundering in stormy waves. Here you may become so close to nature that it is almost impossible to describe, and not even pictures give the right impression.

Midnattsolveien 914
8315 Laukvik


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The boat house is filled with history
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The outside of the Sofusnaustet
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