Lofot-is Icecream - Livland Gård

The ice cream that knows where it comes from… Lofot-is Ice cream is a tasty and all-natural ice cream made from local ingredients. In its simplicity, it consists of cream, milk, eggs and sugar.

Local food
2019-08-2204:04 Sissel

Enjoy the taste of our ice creams and sorbets with the certainty that they are made from pure and natural ingredients. We often test new flavors and often introduce new combinations.
If you want to participate in this production and get your own ice cream produced, it is now possible. We welcome groups and allow you to produce their own ice cream. Then you get to eat as much ice cream as you would like.

Midnattsolveien 914
8315 Laukvik

Telefon: 979 54 911
E-post: post@livland.no
Nettside: https://www.livland.no/lofot-meieriet

Matlysthuset at Livland Gård
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