Walk to the pier in Svolvær and to the Fisherman’s Wife

2020-09-0122:36 Sissel

The walk to the breakwater pier is an easy walk where you will come across some interesting cultural memories. When you reach the very end of the pier, you will see the statue of the Fisherman’s Wife (locally called “Feskarkjerringa” or “Fiskerkona”). The walk starts in the centre of Svolvær, where you can choose between several accommodation alternatives. If you stay at Svinøya, you have an even shorter way to the pier.

Information about the walk

  • Parking:Parking is in the centre or at Svinøya.
  • Season:All year, but not in stormy weather.
  • Distance:7 km (one way) from the central square.
  • Duration:1 hour (round trip).
  • Difficulty:Easy (green). Suitable for everyone.
  • Starting point:The central square in Svolvær or at Svinøya.


Easy walk suitable for everyone


Photo: Fish drying racks on the way to the pier at Svinøya - Kari Boline Andreassen. 

The walk to the breakwater pier is an easy walk where you will come across some interesting cultural memories. The walk is suitable for everyone. It is popular among the locals and there is no uphill. The walk is nice any time of year, but do not go to the end of the pier when there are strong winds and high waves. On the walk you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with both mountains and open sea.

Where does the walk start?

Moloen og Fiskarkona

Photo: The Fisherman’s Wife - Kari Boline Andreassen.

If you start from the central square, you follow the Vestfjordgata. After ca 600 metres, you arrive at the start of the Svinøya-bridge and then you continue over the bridge. From the bridge you get a view to the left towards the mountains Blåtinden, Fløya and Svolværgeita. When you arrive at the end of the bridge, you will see Gallery Gunnar Berg in front of you, Børsen Spiseri (restaurant) and the old squire’s house to the right. Now you take a right on to Gunnar Bergsvei and after ca 75 metres, you follow the road that goes to the left and further along the island. After having walked ca 300 metres, you will see a statue of Gunnar Berg, the famous artist from Svinøya. This is a good spot for a rest. If you go down the path to the left here, you come to the Berg family’s private burial chambers. If you continue on this path, you come to an old industrial area and a place called “Kuba” by the locals.

Art and Culture

Along the road towards the pier you will come across memories from the 2nd world war. Walking along the pier, you will also see many fish drying racks. If you go here between March and June, these racks will be full of fish and the odour may be a bit unpleasant. The locals say «it smells money». At the end of the pier you find the statue created by the famous sculptor Per Ung, called the Fisherman’s Wife. This impressive statue stands 4.5 metres tall and scouts towards the sea, waiting for her husband to return. You find information on Wikipedia about the Fisherman’s Wife, Svolvær and more.

Frequently asked questions:

Is it possible to drive all the way out to the pier?

No, there is not enough space for parking by the pier. The nearest parking is Svinøya.

Is the walk suitable for children?

The walk is perfect for children and grown-ups of all ages. If you bring a pram in the wintertime, it may be slippery. Make sure you dress according to the weather conditions.

Is it a difficult walk?

No, this is a walk that everyone can do.

Can you walk here in stormy weather?

No, the walk can be dangerous in stormy weather. Always make sure to be prepared for the weather conditions and dress accordingly.

Is it possible to walk here in the winter?

Yes, you can walk here in the wintertime, but remember to wear good boots with crampons if necessary. And always check the weather forecast.   


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