The artistic and historical Lofoten islands

You can learn more about Lofoten from a historical perspective, for better or for worse, in the museums that describe the everyday life of traditional fishermen and farmers, and in the galleries, where artists have been inspired by this challenging way of life. Meet a glassblower in action or be fascinated by the artists showing you Lofoten through their eyes in one of the galleries.

2013-06-2510:36 Mariell Hagen

Art and Lofoten

Did you know that dozens of artists that live and work in Lofoten? Join us on an exciting journey through Lofoten where the joy of creation is expressed through pictorial and sculptural art. Visitors from round the world also come to Lofoten to gain inspiration for their work, where art and culture has great space. In particular, pictorial artists have through many generations depicted Lofoten through both culture and nature. Here, there are galleries and exhibitions, and in some places you will find the artists in the process of creating work. We promise you some surprising discoveries, and perhaps Lofoten is hiding treasures you would like to take home with you.



Who has not heard of Lofoten with the famous seasonal fishery, owners of fishing stations and fishermen-farmers? During the ages the coastal community has been an important contributor to national wealth through fish exports. Major trade markets have taken place here, and archaeological excavations have uncovered the largest chiefdom of the Viking Age ever found. Visit our many museums on a journey through 9000 years, and you might want to try to try rowing a Viking ship or eat cinnamon rolls baked in the large stone oven at Å? Welcome to historic Lofoten!