Lofoten Cruise Ports

Leknes & Svolvær Port
07.11.201714:46 Sissel

The worlds most beautiful islands

Voted by Nathional Geographic as one of the most appealing destinations in the world, Lofoten is an Arctic island group that has been a cruise destination since 1889. There are two main ports: Leknes (45%) and Svolvær (35%) with only 1 hour drive inbetween. The landscape is striking in its variety: wildly beautiful places of marsh and rock, green fields and still lakes, dramatic mountains and white sandy beaches by jade seas. Lofoten is dotted with picturesque villages and fish-drying racks, as stockfish – dried cod – has been the main export since the Middle Ages. The five main islands are linked by road and you can easily cross all five and return in a day. Passengers can also disembark at one port and rejoin the ship at another. Lofoten is ideal for all kinds of nature-based activities. On land there is hiking at all levels, road biking and rock-climbing for the adventure seeker. At sea you can go kayaking, diving, snorkelling, or try your luck with the fishing rod. Sea Eagle safaris by RIB, can be arranged from both Svolvær and Leknes. In the wintertime, you can experience the magical Aurora Borealis, go skiing or snowshoeing and horseback riding for example.