Kaffepause - coffee break with the locals

Blend in with the locals over a cup of coffee.

2019-07-0904:04 Sissel

Based on Norwegians' unique relationship with coffee - we actually drink second most in the whole world - you can book a meeting with a local in Lofoten on the website www.kaffepause.org. If you want to become better acquainted with local customs, traditions, stories, myths - and the daily life north of the Arctic Circle - this is for you.

Some visitors say it can be difficult to get to know us Norwegians - we have a reputation for being a little shy and introverted. We do not want to change this with Kaffepause: We are who we are and that is good enough. What we want to do is open the door ajar and give Norwegians and visitors an opportunity to meet each other and share the joy of a cup of coffee. Everyone who have tried the service describes it as a wonderful experience. Take a chance and sign up as a coffee guest! You won't regret it.

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