The Vikings are coming!

The Vikings were fierce warriors. Fighting, plundering, ruling over land areas and people, they were marking their way across Europe more than 1000 years ago. The Vikings were skilled sailors and on their longships they would be carrying very valuable trading articles from the north – highly desirable in Europe. In Lofoten, one of the mightiest men of Northern Norway ruled at the Viking Chieftain seat Lofotr.

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The Vikings were also famous for their amazing skills as boatbuilders and seafarers. The innovative sailing ships were well fitted for sailing both open oceans and shallow rivers, making it possible for the Vikings to travel into unknown territories. Conquering of new land and establishing new trading connections became the result of this.The Viking age is associated with warfare, conquering of land, plundering and robberies. History tells us about big battles, wealth and the quest for power between Vikings and other cultures/people.

Lofotr Vikingmuseum foto Kjell Ove Storvik

The Vikings from Lofoten brought luxury articles from the north.

The Vikings were not only warriors. They were skilled traders, farmers and fishermen. Living in Lofoten, there were easy axess to great fishing banks and to the annual winter fishing for the «skrei», the winter cod. The cod caught during the winter was dried to stockfish – «tørrfisk». The highly nutritious fish was probably food for the Vikings journeys but also became a prime export article during the Viking age.

Other valuable export items were furs and skins, antlers and bone, oil from marine animals, feather and down from the eider duck – and more.

The largest longhouse in the world

A sensational find from the Viking age is made in Lofoten. On the heights of Borg, widely overlooking a fertile and rich landscape, the world`s largest Viking longhouse has stood (the largest longhouse found and excavated). This was home and centre of power to one of the mightiest men and women in Northern Norway. Both the size of the house and the archaeological findings makes this find nothing less than sensational!

Lofotr Vikingmuseum foto Kjell Ove Storvik

Unique artifacts tell about power and wealth.

Glass, imported ceramics and gold finds reveals the power of the Viking chieftain and the Lady of the house. Not only are the articles expensive articles but they also tell a story of power! The gold foil amulet and the gold âstel are to be especially pointed at.

Upon the resorces of the north, a centre of power is build.

The Lofoten cod fisheries were most likely of great importance already in the Viking age. As the ship building skills evolved, the Vikings were able to sail into new land areas, conquer new terriories and establish new trading relations. It is assumed that the stockfish was brought along as food, followed by being used as a trading article.

The Vikings were also farmers. In addition, the Viking Chieftain of Lofotr had connections to the sami people/sami culture, which again gave axess to exotic articles: furs, antlers, leather and more.

Marine resources were of importance too. Walrus tusks, oil from whale and other were highly appreciated, along with feather and down from i.e the eider duck.

 Lofotr Vikingmuseum foto Kjell Ove Storvik

The largest longhouse in the world of the Vikings was built in Lofoten.

It tells a story of rich resources with high value for many parties. It tells a story of power and wealth. The Viking chieftain longhouse is reconstructed in full size, 83 impressive meters long and offers insight in an important part of Lofoten cultural history. Your entrance ticket can be booked here.

Upon entering the Viking chieftain house, you will enter another era. The smell of tar and smoke, the architecture, the decorations – it will all take you back in time. The craftman or craftswoman are happy to demonstrate their work to you. You are welcome to touch the objects, to feel the weight of the stockfish, the sensation of touching the furs and leather.

Take part in a Viking feast and take in the atmosphere from the Viking age. Delicious food, the Vikings with their storytelling and the mead – golden honeywine, the drink of the Norse gods!

Sail the Vikingship! Feel the breeze on your skin as the ship moves forward, commanded by the Vikingship captain. Or, if there is no wind, you will have to row yourselves. Try your hand at archery, learn how to throw and axe, have a talk with the blacksmith or try other Viking games and activities (activities: summer only).

The Vikings were more than warriors. The Vikings from Lofoten ventured into Europe, carrying exotic, valuable articles – articles that were attractive, exotic and luxurious to the markets. The Vikings from Lofoten were more than the myths.

Lofotr Vikingmuseum foto Kjell Ove Storvik

Do you feel your inner Viking? Would you like to experience the Viking age?

In Lofoten you will find an active, living museum with an authentic Viking age feeling. The Vikings have been waiting for you for more than 1000 years!

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