Travel advice in Lofoten from Sarah and Leo

Meet the two local children, Sarah and Leo, both growing up in Lofoten. Together with the rest of the children here they are your hosts while visiting. When you are on holiday on our amazing islands, you are visiting their home. The kids in Lofoten share with pleasure their community with you, as long as you promise to take care of it while visiting.

2020-06-2819:52 Sissel

Welcome to Lofoten : travel advice from the hosts

Here in Lofoten, nature plays an important role and the arctic cod (skrei) has provided work and living for centuries. Hence the people in Lofoten are used to beeing hosts for many fishermen. They are open and inclusive, and still hosts many visitors who come from different parts of the world. And the locals, yes, they enjoy welcoming Lofoten whether it’s fishermen or tourists visiting.

«Everyone is welcome to Lofoten, as long as they behave» - Sarah, 11 years old.

Sarah and Leo

Also the children on our islands are hosts to our guests. 11 year old Leo and Sar hare two of these. They are both growing up at Ramberg in the municipality of Flakstad, a community they like very much. Both Leo and Sarah ooze with pride and are so happy you chose their home place as a holiday destination. For your holiday to be filled with memorable experiences for both you and the locals, the children serve you some great holiday tips here:

Please leave no trace

«This summer we will share our home place with with many other people. I’m looking forward to it» - Leo, 11 years old.

All around you, you will experience raw nature, that you may use as you wish, but we kindly ask you to remember to leave no trace. Remember that we are only borrowing it from those who are coming after us.

Please throw the garbage in the waste bin

We challenge you to enjoy yourself with an ice cream as much as you can. The advantage with ice cream is that you can eat it in all kind of weather. If it’s hot outside, it will cool you down. If it’s cold outside, the ice cream can be eaten slowly and last longer. But whatever the weather, keep in mind that the paper must be thrown in the waste bin. If you can't find a waste bin, please bring the paper with you.

Sarah and Leo next to a waste bin

Please show consideration in traffick

«It’s not annoying with camper vans, however when they drive sooo slowly, it’s a little bit annoying». – Sarah, 11 years old.

Some of the roads in Lofoten are narrow and sometimes we are many who drive at the same time. Please remember to follow the flow of traffic, keep the speed limit and do not stop in the middle of the road or at marked meeting places.

The boy and the camper van

Please use designated places for camping

Lofoten is an open-air paradise, but camping outside requires good planning. We recommend you to take advantage of the many organized camping places or other great places for accommodation here in Lofoten. It might be easier for you to relax on your holiday if you have access to for example toilets and waste bins.

Lofoten Beach Camp

Photo: Lofoten Beach Camp, Flakstad.

Please use public toilets

«Please use public toilets so that we don’t have to get wee and poo on our shoes» -Sarah, 11 years old.

The best thing is if you use public toilets. There are many public toilets in Lofoten where regular cleaning is beeing done. But we know sometimes it’s not always a public toilet nearby. In that case we encourage you to dig a hole and always bring the paper with you. And, remember that wet wipes should never be thrown into the wild.


Photo: Sarah, 11 years old.

Please shop locally

In Lofoten there rare many opportunities to support our communities. We have accommodation with a view and service many people dream of. We have restaurants serving world-class local food. Activities, galleries, museums, and shops with local products. Everywhere in Lofoten you can spend the holiday budget and at the same time leave with memorable experiences. And best of all, for every penny you spend, you are helping to strengthen our communities.

«We wish you welcome to Lofoten – hope to see you!» -Greetings from Sarah and Leo.