RIB tour around the mountains - Røst Bryggehotell

Experience the beautiful mountains around Røst from our own RIB .

2017-03-1108:07 Kristian Nashoug

We take you on a RIB tour around all the mountains around Røst, as close as possible to come. With a private guide you will also learn what you need about everything you get to see on this trip.

Here one can see the mountains, the birds and whatever else is at first hand. A ride in all the nooks and crannies around Røst with great stories and facts. Experience Storfjellet , Trenyken and Skomvær lighthouse from the waterfront.

You will be provided with warm overalls and life jackets.

The tour lasts two hours, but the time of the trip will vary from day to day. Upon booking we will contact you if there are changes.

8064 Røst

E-post: post@rostbryggehotell.no