The Smithy in Sund

and Sund Museum of Fishery

2017-11-1711:18 Sissel

In the small fishing village of Sund is where you will find a unique and alive museum. It all works as an installation depicting the history of boat motors and fishing equipment. The smith in Sund offers an unique product. He invites you in to his working environment with warm humour and wits, whilst creating extraordinary art with his tools. His main productions are the king-cormorants, which can also be bought from the gift shop. Welcome to a unique and educational experience!

Supplier: Smeden i Sund.

Duration: 1 hour.

Maximum number of Pax: At one occasion: 200 pax.

Distance from transfer end to attraction/activity: Leknes:40 km / 50 min. Svolvær: 110 km / 100 min.