World's first Ice Gallery and Ice Bar

incl. a drink served in an ice glass

2017-11-1714:22 Sissel

A True ‘Winter Wonderland’ and a fantastic Natural Ice Blue World Created by Snow and Ice! The entrance to Magic Ice is the gateway to an adventure both magical and far removed from everyday life – a feeling of being beamed over to the Arctic. The entire permanent exhibition is constructed of crystal-clear ice,  even the glasses at the bar are ice! In a magical fairy tale adventure with the wondrous surroundings of snow and ice, Magic Ice presents north Norwegian history as a truly magical experience.

Magic Ice is a concept designed to provide guests with an exceptional experience. This is known as a “wow” attraction, the kind that most people have never seen before – a fantastic natural ice blue world created entirely of ice. Artists from all over the world have created “art below zero” at Magic Ice galleries. Magic Ice is located in Lofoten, Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø & Reykjavik. Join the perfect outing for all ages, you´ll get a winter poncho and gloves to wear inside while enjoying our welcome drink at the ice bar.

Magic Ice, Lofoten, Oslo, Bergen, Tromsø, Reykjavik and Copenahagen.

Availability: All Year
All Year
Capacity: At one occasion 150 pax/ During one full day: 1500 Languages: English
Recommended time to spend: minimum 15 - 30 minutes
Distance from Leknes Pier: 70 km/ 75 minutes
Distance from Svolvær Pier: 0 km/ 0 minutes

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