Skrova Island Cruise - Brim Explorer

Surrounded by mountains and skerries, dotted with isolated white sandy beaches, and topped with a small but lively community, Skrova is a world to itself.

2019-07-1014:57 Sissel

Only reachable by sea, the island is known as “Lofoten’s Hawaii”!

We cruise between the skerries and deploy an underwater drone to bring you closer to the rich marine life that inhabits these pristine waters. Skrova is also home to many of Lofoten’s majestic white-tailed eagles. 

We dock up in Skrova harbour, where you can discover the island’s galleries, nature and history on foot. Fish, is of course, also a big part of Skrova. Rumour has it that Skrova has the highest concetration of millionaires in Norway, thanks to fishing!

Capacity:                                                 146 persons

Languages:                                             Scandinavian, English, German

Recommended time to spend:               3 hours

Distance from Leknes Port:                   69 km / 1 hr 10 minutes drive

Distance from Svolvær Port:                 The ship is located in Svolvaer Harbour

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