Hiking trips in Skrova

All start across from the Sports hall.

2018-04-1310:28 Sissel

To Hattvika and the beach:

The trip is not more than 1km long/15-20 min depending on your pace. Follow gravel road straight, you will pass a couple of houses, and after 1 km – the sea is on the left, and you take off the road and walk down a slope. You find a red farmhouse on left side and a big white house on the other side.

The Skrova top:

The trip takes 30- 60 minutes one way, depending on your pace. After 200 meters on the gravel road, there is a water post on the left and you will follow the path up to the right. You will pass a small dam on the left. Keep walking for about 100 meters and take left. Follow the path up, there will be ropes and boards to get to the top. At the hut on the top take left, up to the real top, in a small blue house there will be a book to sign. Enjoy the view!

Two ways around the Skrova top:

A. The trip takes from 1 to 2 hours depending on your pace. It has the colour blue, on small sticks and rocks. Follow the gravel road for 800-1000 meter. You will pass a few houses, a small crossing and keep walking into a small gorge (called the shark mouth). Follow the path to your right, up and around the mountain. You will eventually come down to the path and the small water post and on the gravel road you started.

B. The trip takes about 1-2 hours depending on your pace. Follow blue marked path around. Walk the gravel road for 200 meters, at the water post take the right path. You will pass the small dam on your left. Follow the path for 500 meters, to the end of the lamp posts, another 50 meters, then take right. Follow the path and you will end up on the gravel road, take left and end up where you started.


Walk on the gravel road for 200 meters, at the water post follow the path to the right. You will pass the dam on your left, and when the path split after 400 meter you will find Stappen to the right. A small bench and a box with the book, on the lamp post to sign in. From the book and up it will be about 15 minutes up.

Skrova beaches
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