Hot tub and sauna at Skårungen

Our wood-fired hot tub can accommodate 8 to 10 people, and is located at the tip of our pier, where you get a fantastic view of the sea and the mountain Vågakallen.

Recreation and spa
2020-10-2101:05 Ingvill

Right next to the hot tub, we have a brand new sauna with floor-to-ceiling windows and will give you a fantastic panoramic view of the fjord. We have a license to serve drinks in the spa area, so this is the perfect starting point for an unforgettable evening with old or new friends.

Stamp: kr 300,- per person
- When you book the hot tub this winter, you also get access to the sauna.

Sauna: kr 150,- per person

(Reservations are valid for 1.5 hours)

Booking of hot tub and sauna:
Tel: +47 901 41 978

Ørsvågveien 40
8310 Kabelvåg


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Sauna Skårungen
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