Yoga for men!

2018-09-1904:29 Sissel

We’re a yoga center in the heart of Lofoten. We have classes, courses and workshops in Svolvær. We also hold events all over the islands - like Lofoten Yogafestival in nov! Yoga under the northern lights. Magic! Give us a shout and we’ll do our best to make sure you have a great yoga experience on our beautiful islands.

This is a class we have set up for guys! Here you will find a dynamic yoga where we work with strength, stability, balance and coordination. In addition, we work with breath, which is a central part of yoga. Breath and movement coordinated. The class starts with variations of sun salutations, standing, sitting and closing postures. Practice is always terminated with Savasana, a resting position where the imminent practice is integrated into body and mind.

Duration: 75 MIN

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