Nature. Clean air. Northern lights. Lofoten is made for spectacular moments. For Yoga, go north!

2018-09-1809:29 Sissel

We’re a yoga center in the heart of Lofoten. We have classes, courses and workshops in Svolvær. We also hold events all over the islands - like Lofoten Yogafestival in nov! Yoga under the northern lights. Magic! Give us a shout and we’ll do our best to make sure you have a great yoga experience on our beautiful islands.

Min Yoga Lofoten (My Yoga Lofoten) was founded by Maria Terese Karlsen and Andrea Milda Øhrn in 2018. Both grew up in the Lofoten islands, but lived away for years until they both moved back home in 2015. They connected through their passion for yoga, agreeing that Lofoten needs a center for yoga and that there is no reason why these islands should not be a top destination for yoga!

This class is for those who have practiced some yoga before, know some of the basic principles of yoga or want to try out a yoga form that is somewhat physically engaging. There is often a lot of load on arms and shoulders in most dynamic yoga methods and we therefore focus a lot on good technique. If you have injuries or problems with your shoulders, arms, hands and wrists, please mention it to the teacher or you can choose a more gentle yoga form.

Duration: 60 MIN

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